Which Wheels - Roadie/CX?

We have tried to turn a complex question into some simple answers, chose which type of rider you are, our recommendation is shown below, click on the image to be taken to the wheels that will suit you as a rider. Note, we have a full range of disc brake hubs available on all our wheels.

Please also see our article on weight v aero CLICK HERE


I’m a casual cyclist. I want a reliable set of performance wheels.


I’m a bit less casual, I generally ride in a group and I sprint from a long way out.

I’m not that casual, I do some real mileage and some racing.

I’m pretty serious about my riding but don't like wheels that are too deep.


I ride whenever I can, I want to look awesome and I tend to like to drop some serious watt bombs on my buddies.  This is our recommended wheelset for all road riders looking for a performance edge.