Lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty

All our wheels come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults.  You will not buy a wheel from us that is not 100% perfect.

Having a lifetime warranty is a pretty big deal both for you as a customer and for us as a manufacturer.  So let's break it down in detail, so you understand exactly what we mean.


Your rim will arrive in perfect condition, and other than wear and tear will remain in perfect condition for the entire time you own your wheels (see note below on brake surface).

Spokes and nipples

We supply spare spokes and nipples in case they are required.  

Brake surface

You will not experience a heat related failure* as long as you either use our brake pads.  They are available here or you can select extra sets with your purchase, which is what we recommend as that option is cheaper. 

You MUST install your brake pads at least 2mm below the top of the rim to ensure good braking and longevity of the surface.

Please do not use stock "carbon pads" from your bike shop. 

*This is valid to 20,000 kms or two years.  Note, your brake surface will wear out over time and should be inspected for signs of wear or grit-related damage.

Hub shell

Your hub shell will never fail due to a manufacturing related problem.

Hub bearings

Your bearings are sealed and will be maintenance-free for 2 years under normal circumstances.  Heavy off-road usage, combined with excessive use of degreaser may impact this.  Please do not use WD40 or similar anywhere near you hub bearings.


The bottom line is, we want you to have a trouble-free experience with our wheels and will take care of anything that we are responsible for.  We are not responsible for normal wear and tear.