Performance Data

Rather than presenting modeled or theoretical data about the benefits our wheels can give you, we took a different approach. We took ourselves and our Elemental wheels to the DISC Velodrome in Melbourne, Australia for the day. We tested our wheels in the real world using the Alphamantis aero testing system (Acquired by Garmin and rebranded Track Aero System).

The system collected data from repeated rides by our testers using various wheel combinations. From the identified watts saved (compared to a standard wheel), we were able to calculate the real savings our wheels can give you over various distances. Note that we tested at around 35kph (22mph), meaning our number represents real achievable results, not just some theoretical benchmark.

If you have any questions about our data please get in touch.

We can also translate this data into watts saved. It is worth noting that the power saved will vary with speed. At higher speeds drag is a larger proportion of total power used, so aerodynamic watt savings become higher.

Please feel free to compare these to any other wheels available on the market.

Rider being briefed by testing team


Data was gathered using multiple riders with standard tyres (Conti GP4000s II), standard tubes (Butyl) at a standard tyre pressure of 100psi.

Savings valid (plus or minus 5%) for rider holding a constant power at 35-37kph.