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At Wheelscience we are two types of carbon wheels you can use for Cyclocross / CX / Gravel bikes, each suited to different needs.

From our Elemental series

The Elemental™ carbon wheels from Wheelscience are the perfect upgrade to your cyclocross bike.  With low weight and durability being the key to wheel performance, our unique carbon layup means our carbon rims are incredibly strong.  This means we can put our spokes under higher tension, meaning stiffer, stronger wheels. This translates into greater power transfer to the rear wheel and amazingly responsive handling from the front.  

Our 38mm and 50mm carbon rims are perfect for racing in the heavy conditions of cyclocross weighing in from only 1148g (38mm tubbies).

In terms of tire compatibility, the 18mm internal width allows you to fit anything from a 21mm to a 36mm with complete confidence.  All our clincher wheels are tubeless-ready.

Our Everest Series

The Everest™ bike wheel series from Wheelscience has been developed to produce the lightest possible gravel bike wheels, while maintaining our reputation for reliability.

The new Everest™ carbon rims use an innovative lay-up technique to deliver strength to the wheel where it needs it and save weight elsewhere. Using T800 carbon has allowed us to achieve a significant weight saving this way. 

The Everest™ series' carbon rim geometry allows for the use of wider tires (21mm internal). This can provide reduced rolling resistance for road climbing, or the use of gravel-specific tires for off-road riding. 

In terms of tire compatibility, the 21mm internal width allows you to fit anything from a 25mm to a 42mm with complete confidence.  All our clincher wheels are tubeless-ready.

We use a 20/24 spoke count for our carbon rim brakes, the perfect balance of strength and weight on our standard hub, and 24/24 on our disc brake hubs.

As you would expect, we offer a full range of DISC brake options catering to all specifications to work alongside our carbon wheels.

By popular demand, we offer DT Swiss 240 and DT Swiss 180 hubs as an option across our range of spoked wheels.

All wheels ship with brake pads, skewers and rim tape (clinchers).


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