Adrenaline series

The adrenaline series from Wheelscience is designed for downhill riders who simply demand the fastest way from the top to the bottom.

All our adrenaline series wheels incorporate our graphene-infused rims, delivering exceptional strength for weight.  With rims a full 25% thicker at the tire interface than our all-mountain rims we have built our adrenaline series to take everything you can throw that them

Hubs options range from our own in-house hubs to DT 180s, so we have a wheel to suit your needs and your budget.

Remember at Wheelscience we are all about helping you make the right wheel selection for you, if you need some help with this please see our wheel selection questionnaire HERE


Using a traditional symmetrical rim profile, Designed for tires 2.35-3.0 inches. Available as 27.5 or 29er.

Adrenaline A

Using an asymmetrical rim profile for consistent spoke tensions and designed for tires 2.35-3.0 inches. Only available as a 29er.


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