Everest series

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Super light wheels for Road and Gravel racing

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The EVEREST™ series from Wheelscience has been developed to produce the lightest possible wheels, while maintaining our reputation for reliability.

The new EVEREST™ rims use an innovative lay up technique to deliver strength to the wheel where it needs it and save weight elsewhere. Using T800 carbon has allowed us to achieve a significant weight saving this way. 

The EVEREST™ series' rim geometry allows for the use of wider tires. This can provide reduced rolling resistance for road climbing, or the use of gravel-specific tires for off-road riding.  

At the heart of the wheel is the hub.  We still use our standard ELEMENTAL™ Wheelscience hub as it has always delivered outstanding performance at a very low weight.  A freehub that gives almost instant engagement and hybrid ceramic bearings (ceramic balls matched with vacuum degassed alloy races) that give very low rolling resistance and an incredibly long life.  Our hubs are fully serviceable. We use a 20/24 spoke count for the perfect balance of strength and weight on our standard hub, and 24/24 on our disc brake hubs.

The EVEREST 1 uses the 30mm version of our new rims leading to a rider weight limit of 100kgs.  It's slightly bigger brother, the EVEREST XL uses a 35mm front and 45mm rear to boost this weight limit to 115kgs for the addition of around 70 grams.

The Everest X55 now rounds out the range adding truly outstanding aero performance to our wider wheel range. A simply outstanding wheelset with a weight limit of up to 125kgs and weighing in from only 1274grams

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