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The Elemental™ series aero road wheels from Wheelscience have been developed with one thing in mind.  Uncompromising performance in all conditions. From the cutting-edge, race-proven U-Tech™ carbon rim to the incorporation of ceramic bearings as standard in carbon road wheels, nothing has been left to chance.

The Elemental series is designed for tires from 23mm to 25mm for the best aero performance, with the introduction of the Elemental X wheels we now also have optimised aero performance for 28mm tires.

The U-Tech™ rim performs incredibly well at all wind angles, the varying 25-27mm rim profile (28-29.5 in the Elemental X wheels) ensures the best possible handling and lowest possible drag at higher yaw angles. The combination of ceramic fibre brake surface inlays and high-temperature resin delivers failsafe-stopping ability in all conditions - hot or cold, wet or dry.

Our unique carbon layup means our rims are incredibly strong, so we can put our spokes under higher tensions, meaning stiffer, stronger carbon fibre bike wheels.  This translates into greater power transfer to the road from the rear wheel and amazingly responsive handling from the front.  Our aero road wheels will never flex and cause annoying brake rub under acceleration.

At the heart of the wheel is the hub. The standard Elemental™ Wheelscience hub mixes simplicity with high-end performance.  A freehub that gives almost instant engagement and hybrid ceramic bearings (ceramic balls matched with vacuum-degassed alloy races) give very low rolling resistance and incredibly long life.  Our hubs are fully serviceable. We use a 20/24 spoke count for the perfect balance of strength and weight on our standard hub, and 24/24 on our disc brake hubs.

We offer a full range of disc brake options on our road bike wheelsets.

By popular demand, we offer DT Swiss 240 and DT Swiss 180 hubs as an option across our range of spoked wheels.

All wheels ship with brake pads, skewers and rim tape (clinchers).

UCI Approved

The Elemental road bike wheels are approved by the UCI.

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