220 Triathlon magazine - Group wheel test

Published in the April 2018 edition of 220 Tri Magazine this was our first ever trade media review.  It was with some trepidation we awaited the outcome!  We were 100% confident in our wheels but being a new comer in an established industry we remained nervous.  When we finally got the review we could not have been happier.  The table above shows the ranking and the PRICING of the 80mm wheels on test.

We promise you all the performance at half the price and we think this proves we deliver!

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The highlight from the review, for us, is this :-

"The Subtle teardrop rim section, which tapers slightly from the bulged inside edge to the braking surface produces a really benign ride.  Even in windy situations, there's no twitch through the bars, just a predictable sideways pressure that's easy to lean into.  The smooth ride also improves comfort and reduces fatigue"

"VERDICT - Easy on the wallet and on the road.."