Partner program

We want your help to get our wheels out to the World.  We think they deserve to be there, and looking like this who can blame us?  By signing up as a partner you can earn a 10% commission on sales you influence. That can be as simple as a single Facebook or blog post.

 This is how it works:

  • You sign up to our program using the link below.
  • Anyone can sign up. Well almost anyone, you cannot sign up if you run a service that simply hands out discount codes and do not actively focus on cycling.  We reserve the right to make the final judgement on this. 
  • It does not cost you ANYTHING.  This is a genuine business relationship that we want to work over the long term.
  • You are assigned a unique link that you can use to direct people to our site.
  • Our fully integrated system tracks all the people who use that link.
  • If they make a purchase, you get 10% off the net (after any discounts) revenue as a commission from us. Payments are securely made via either bank transfer or PayPal (PayPal is preferred).  This is all set up as part of the sign-up process. Please note that wheels purchased under the Team discount code do not attract commission.
  • Note that your first commission will be payable upon the completion of your second affiliate purchase.
  • You can put your unique link into your social media posts, blogs, newsletter or on your website.  It is almost no effort on your part but could really add some value to you or your business. 
  • You carry no risk after the purchase.  We take care of everything.

Want more details?

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We can step you through how to integrate the program into your business with the minimum of effort.

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So, how can this work?

Four simple steps to get you started:

1. Sign up using the above link.

2. Get your affiliate link and paste it into your Facebook feed or Facebook page.  Facebook will bring up some images from our website for you.  That could not be easier!

3 Write something like "Hey guys check out these awesome wheels!"

4. POST! That's it!