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Rim Depth Selection

It is all about the right rims for you.  We let you mix and match rim depths easily by selecting front and rear wheels separately, as well as complete wheel sets.

The table below lays out some recommendations for rim depths based upon rider confidence (the most important thing), wind conditions and rider weight.

We do not include the elevation of a course in this analysis as that will impact the average expected speed, and is therefore accounted for already.

Please note the table below takes into account many factors not just maximum performance and is just for your information.

For maximum performance all current data suggests that the deepest combination possible will produce the best result and that everyone should ride a rear disc when time trialing.

This table assumes you are time trialling.  If you are after wheels for pack riding or road racing we recommend either 38mm front and back or 50mm front and back depending upon your preference for climbing (38mm) or attacking on the flat (50mm).

See examples below table.


Example 1:

Jo is going to ride at Kona.  Jo is a lighter rider and expects to be riding at 32.5kph average and expects the wind to be high. 

Jo is a very confident rider so from the above table selects  a 60mm front and 60mm rear wheel.

Example 2:

Peter is going to ride at Ironman Western Australia.  Peter expects to average 35kph, is a heavier rider, there will be no wind and he is extremely confident.

From above Peter selects the 4 spoke front and the disc rear.



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