July 2020 Pre-order

At Wheelscience we are 100% focused on delivering you the right wheels at the right price.

But that can be a two way street! HELP US TO HELP YOU!

We have been running our pre-order sales for over 3 years now and they are proving very popular!  The principle being that when we can consolidate our production into one larger run, we can be more efficient and SAVE YOU money!

Due to this popularity, for the first time we will be having TWO order cut off dates in July 2020.

How it works

  1. You place your order using the code below before one of the cut off dates (see below).
  2. You SAVE A HUGE 15% PER WHEELSET, that is the biggest discount we ever offer.
  3. We do a single production run starting the date detailed below for each cut off.  Your wheels will be shipped around 10 days after the cut off date.

CODE :  jul20pre

Cut off, production and shipping dates

Cut off 1 - Order cut off Wednesday 15th July.  Production starts 16th July.  Estimated shipping date 26th July.

Cut off 2 - Order cut off Friday 31st July.  Production starts 1st August.  Estimated shipping date 10th August.


Free free to send us any queries via FB or email.

Normal orders will of course be taken in this period as well.

We are doing our best to help you towards a new set of wheels, why not join in!