Endurance cycling legend Chris "Hoppo" Hopkinson.

9 World records, 1 ride, 1 set of wheels

9 World records, 1 ride, 1 set of wheels

No, that is not a typo!  On the 29th of September 2017, Wheelscience athlete Chris Hopkinson set 9 world records at the Quibell Park Outdoor Track in the UK.  All in the same ride!  Can you even imagine?

The records set were:

100 km - Outdoor track.
100 miles - Outdoor track.
200 km - Outdoor track.
200 miles - Outdoor track.
300 km - Outdoor track.
300 miles - Outdoor track.
500 km - Outdoor track.
6 hour - Outdoor track.
12hour - Outdoor track.

Chris set all these records on ONE set of ELEMENTAL 88mm wheels, the same wheels he recently completed the Race Across America on!  If you want speed and reliability from your wheels, look no further than Wheelscience.

Hoppo's other achievements to date (This is NOT an exhaustive list!)

  • 8 time World Champion 12 and 24 hour TT.
  • 8 broken world records.
  • First Brit to "solo" the Race across America (RAAM).
  • 2014 winner of the RAAM Jure Robic Award.
  • Winner Texas Ultra Cup 24hr Series wining 3 x 24hr races and breaking all 3 course records.