February 2019 Pre-order

Your best chance to have your very own all carbon fiber, race proven wheels at a fraction of the big brand prices.

At wheelscience we are 100% focused on delivering you the best wheels at the best price.

But that can be a two way street! HELP US TO HELP YOU!

How it works

  1. You place your order using the code below before the cut off date of 12th February 2019.
  2. You SAVE A HUGE 10% PER WHEELSET, that is the biggest discount we every offer - why?  We are not making the huge margins of the other guys!
  3. We do a single production run starting the 13th February with the aim to ship all the orders by the end of the month.
  4. You get the same wheels as everyone else, the single bigger production run lets us make the wheels more efficiently, and we pass the savings onto you!


Free free to send us any queries via FB or email.

Normal orders will of course be taken in this period as well.

We are doing our best to help you towards a new set of wheels, why not join in!