Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your wheels UCI approved?

Yes, Wheelscience carbon bike wheels are UCI approved. We've included full details of the UCI testing and approval process for you to review.

Who are you?

Wheelscience was founded in 2013 by Peter Coombe in Melbourne, Australia. After years of cycling Peter became frustrated with the lack of good quality carbon bike wheels available at reasonable prices. Worse than that he spent $1,000s on road bike wheels only to find out they were actually not reliable and really not suited for everyday use.

Peter's work background in the automotive industry gave him a real understanding of the supply chain required to produce world class products. He set about solving his own problem and decided to turn that into a business.

After around two years of work, Wheelscience was ready to launch.

We aim to become the world's number 1 online carbon bike wheel business. Why not come along with us?

If you have any questions, Peter likes nothing better than to talk about carbon bike wheels. Email Peter, he would also be happy to schedule a call with you for a chat.

What about servicing and spares?

All our carbon bike wheels are designed to be serviced easily anywhere in the world by you or your local bike shop. We use industry standard sizes for our bearings, widely available spokes etc, all of which you can get easily and at a reasonable cost. You can of course get them from us if you wish by emailing BUT it is likely you will get them faster and cheaper locally.

Do you have any independent reviews of you wheels?

Yes, we have plenty of satisfied customer reviews to share with you. These include testimonials on road bike wheels, mountain bike wheels, carbon race wheels, TT wheels, carbon gravel wheels and track wheels.

Can I stock your wheels in my shop?

Yes you can stock our range of carbon bike wheels in your retail store, throughout Australia and internationally. Please get in touch so that we can discuss your options.

Can I use your carbon wheels on my E-bike (E Bike)?

Yes our custom carbon bike wheels can be used on e-bikes. We have the hub specs most commonly used for road/gravel E-bikes available on all our spoked wheels (12/110 Front and 12/148 rear TA).

What is your warranty policy?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our carbon bike wheels.

Why can I not find many magazine reviews of your wheels?

We do not actively pursue magazine reviews as we have found it difficult to assess the true independence of writers. The market is so driven by the marketing budgets of the big brands that a great many reviews carry too much bias. For example, when did you last read a bad review of a big brand wheel?Is it possible that they are all that good? If you know someone who you would like to review our wheels, who is independent, please let us know.

Are your clinchers tubeless ready

Yes, all EVEREST and ELEMENTAL series bike wheels are available as tubeless ready. Note you can run a tubeless bike wheel with a tube if you wish.

IMPORTANT: Tire pressures in wider tires.

We state our maximum pressure in relation to a 25mm tire, however due to something called "hoop stress" wider tires have lower maximum pressures. As a rough guide you should reduce the maximum pressure by 5-6psi for each 1mm of additional tire size. These are maximums and are far in excess of any recommended usage pressure. Always follow tire manufacturers recommendations for maximum and usage pressures.

Tire size Maximum pressure
25mm 125psi
28mm 110psi
32mm 85psi
40mm 50psi

Where do you ship to?

We ship internationally, everywhere around the world. Delivery is free, even to Europe, which we ship to duty paid, nothing more for you to pay.

I want to upgrade my disc brake wheels but am not sure which axle type I have.

This is a very common problem. Just email Peter with the brand and model of your bike and he will come back to you with the required spec's. You can add a picture of your current wheel hub if you have a chance.

You offer DT Swiss 240 and DT Swiss 180 hubs as an option. Are they better than yours?

We offer DT Swiss 240/180 hubs because they have long been established as the go to performance hubs. In our honest opinion the ELEMENTAL hubs match the 240 in all aspects save one. The 240's have wider bearings and we use the straight pull version, meaning the rear wheel will be stiffer under extreme stress. Extreme stress means a 1800 watt extended sprint. Under all other circumstances we do not feel a change is required. We certainly do not feel the additional cost is required for TT or Tri racing, and only in the circumstances described above for road racing. Remember Peter spec'd these hubs for his 100kg plus weighing, 250kg squatting former rugby playing frame. The DT SWISS 180 hubs are regarded by many people to be the best hubs in the world.

Tell me more about your braking surface and performance, especially the clinchers.

As we say above, the carbon materials now available and the use of none carbon inlays, with high temperature resins, makes braking effective and safe in all conditions. When combined with our ceramic fibre brake blocks, or our recommended replacements blocks, Reynolds cyro blue, your Wheelscience wheels will give you years of service and great stopping power. Correct brake block placement is very important. Your blocks should contact the wheel at least 3mm below the rim and should be slightly "toed in" for the best, silent, braking.

I like the "stealth" look, can I have my wheels with no decals?

Sure you can! Just select the "Stealth (No Decals)" option from the Decals menu when purchasing your wheels.

Do you sell single wheels?

Yes, you can select that options in our wheel builder page.

Do you sell rims only so I can build up my own wheels?

Yes we sell bike rims only.

Can you prove your performance numbers?

Yes. Firstly the data below is from testing done in Melbourne at the DISC velodrome, and you can access full details about our performance data here too.

What is your warranty policy?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our products.

Crash Replacement

We will replace your crashed damaged wheel at a 30% discount to list price, plus shipping.

How do I keep in touch with what you guys are up to?

Just subscribe to our email list, that also entitles you to a $50 discount on all our wheels. Simply enter you email below and click subscribe.