Vortex series
Vortex series
Vortex series
Vortex series
Vortex series

Vortex series

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World Class race wheels at World-beating prices, backed by a global lifetime warranty.  

The Wheelscience VORTEX series offers you the chance to own a pair of high-performance carbon wheels at a fraction of the big brand cost.  Ideal for those of you who want the performance without the hype.  You can even choose a "no decal option", which is actually our most popular option for the VORTEX series.

Why choose the VORTEX series?

  • The traditional V rim profile gives the wheel extraordinary strength and excellent power transfer,
  • $ for $ we believe the VORTEX series represents the best value for money, reliable race wheels you can buy.
  • From a performance standpoint, the only measurable difference between the VORTEX series and the ELEMENTAL series is in relation to crosswind handling and a slight weight difference.
  • The VORTEX series has a track option. The V shape rim profile is better at handling the EXTREME power-related stresses of track racing.

Weight - Tubular 1358 grams
Weight - Clincher 1585 grams
Rim depth 50mm
Rim width at brake track 23.0mm
Max rim width 23.0mm
Max rider weight 110kgs / 220lbs
Max pressure (clincher) 125psi
Warranty Lifetime
Bearings Steel

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Wheelscience - All the performance, 1/2 the price 

Why do we cost so much less?  We ship directly from our factory to you.  No less quality, just less middlemen!


The VORTEX series from Wheelscience has been developed with one thing in mind; delivering you the best possible value for money, all carbon fibre wheels.

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